Altres Xerrades

Altres Xerrades

1.1. Escola Itaca

Bon diumenge, famílies! Esperem que estigueu tots bé tot i les circumstàncies. 
Us fem arribar l'enllaç a la xerrada que es va fer a l'escola el passat 4 de març amb Pepa Horno, sobre el tema Amor, límits i consciència. Va ser un gran èxit d’assistència i molt interessant. La volem compartir amb tots vosaltres. La trobareu aquí:

1.2. Little Humans

Sèrie "Little Humans" de Mindvalley. En anglès, però molt recomanable. De tant en quant posen en obert els videos de les 9 sessions del seu programa formatiu en base a entrevistes a persones clau en altres maneres d'educar els nostres fills/es.

1.2.1. Episode 1 - Happy Homes & Relationships With Your Children

Decluttering Your Parenting with Avital - Schrieber-Levy

  • Protecting your child from manipulative marketing, and how to increase their happiness and inner peace by with less things.
  • The 5-step Decluttering Process for cleansing yourself, your child, and your home of suffocating clutter.

Power Struggles with Debbie Godfrey

  • Dealing with power struggles at any age. Learn how to teach your child valuable lessons without disempowering them.
  • 4 rapid-fire ‘Prevention Tools’ that instantly minimize conflict. Some are as easy as just saying one word.

1.2.2. Episode 2 - Modern Parenting

Parenting In The Modern Age with Preston Smiles & Alexi Panos

  • Elevating your child into an independent thinker: a critical skill in today’s information-overloaded world.
  • How to be an effective parent (even if you’ve got a busy career). It’s far easier when you adopt the right perspective.

Secrets Of Successful Co-Parenting with Summer Felix-Mulder & Mike Mulder

  • The 5 keys to a successful blended family. No matter the configuration, you can recapture happiness and stability for everyone involved.
  • Nurturing a loving relationship with children that aren’t yours. Use these guidelines to build a lasting bond.

1.2.3. Episode 3 - The Value of Bedtime Rituals

Bedtime Connection Ritual with Andrew Newman

  • The surprising power of bedtime stories. Choosing the right story can heal your child’s anxiety from the day and prepare them for tomorrow.
  • Creating a conducive sleeping environment. From the lighting and surroundings to your own temperament, use this checklist to ensure a restful safe space for your child.
  • Brilliant bedtime rituals: get a treasure chest of ideas including breathing exercises, gratitude games, and more.

1.2.4. Episode 4 - Feeding The Body & Mind

Breaking Unhealthy Food Habits with Eric Edmeades

  • The single easiest way to ensure your child is eating right. It all starts with this one simple step you can take right away.
  • What to do when your child plays with their food (hint: you actually don’t want to stop them, and the reason will surprise you).

Making Learning Fun with Jim Kwik

  • The no. 1 skill every child must learn today, in order to thrive tomorrow (hint: you won’t find it in our modern school system)
  • How to help your child not just read, but read effectively. Follow these 5 steps to supercharge their reading speed and comprehension.

1.2.5. Episode 5 - Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting with Dr. Shefali Tsabary

  • Why traditional parenting often does more harm than good. This perspective will change how you see yourself and your child.
  • The 7 stubborn myths of parenting, and how they damage both children and parents. Which of these are you still holding onto?
  • The importance of parenting your inner child. Discover why parenting is not just about the child in front of you, but the one inside you.

1.2.6. Episode 6 - Nurturing Our Children & Creating Healthy Beliefs

Raising Kids With Healthy Beliefs with Shelly Lefkoe

  • The most dangerous belief your child can have. Learn how to erase this damaging belief from your child’s subconscious mind.
  • The 4 words you should never use with your child (many parents use these every day).
  • How to remove disempowering beliefs from your child’s psyche – and even replace them with empowering ones.

Attachment Parenting with Dr. Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri

  • The 5 C’s of Peace Learning. Apply these principles to help your child manage their emotions, build strong bonds, and make responsible decisions.
  • Deepening your bond with your child. It all starts by understanding your personal attachment style.

1.2.7. Episode 7 - Mother’s Health & Postpartum Care

Mother’s Health & Postpartum Care with Kimberly Johnson

  • The fourth trimester: learn how to successfully recover in the 30 – 60 days after childbirth (the average doctor won’t tell you this).
  • The 5 pillars of postpartum healing. Follow these steps to heal your mind, body, and soul, and emerge stronger than ever.
  • Regaining emotional balance after childbirth. Your partner plays a crucial role in this process.

1.2.8. Episode 8 - Intelligence, Grief & Loss

The Cornerstones Of Emotional Intelligence with Rhea Lalla

  • 3 steps to enhancing your child’s emotional intelligence. Learning to master their emotions is vital to making better decisions in life.
  • Ingenious tools for managing tantrums and emotional outbursts. From breathing exercises to visualization exercises, you’ll never again be left helpless.

Navigating Loss & Grief with Christina Rasmussen

  • How death, grief, and loss really impact your child (children often process the trauma differently compared to adults).
  • The 5 steps to moving on after a loss, and how to guide your child through each of them.

1.2.9. Episode 9 - Unique Abilities & Emotional Resilience

Superparenting For Distracted Kids with Dr. Ned Hallowell

  • ADHD: a disability or a superpower? An essential perspective for every parent or caregiver to a diagnosed child.
  • What it really means to have ADHD. A fascinating insight into how a brain with ADHD really works.

Raising Resilient Kids with Renee Jain

  • How to ‘feel’ your feelings. Empower your child to master their emotions in 3 straightforward steps.
  • Why play is a serious matter. Learn about the importance of playtime, and how to use play to make your child a better learner.

1.3. Gestionando Hijos

"Gestionando hijos: saber más para educar mejor". És un projecte que té per objectiu contribuir a la millora de la societat a través de l'educació.

Canal de YouTube:

Llites de reproducció:

Somos una escuela para padres y madres y creemos firmemente que, como dijo Nelson Mandela, “la educación es el arma más poderosa para cambiar el mundo”, y por ello, hemos puesto todas nuestras energías y recursos al servicio de las madres y padres que tanta responsabilidad tienen de cara a construir una sociedad mejor.

Creemos que si tenemos madres y padres mejor preparados como educadores tendremos un presente y un futuro mejor.

Por eso, de la mano de más de 40 expertos, hemos creado la mayor plataforma de educación para padres y madres online de contenidos educativos.

N Videos Nom de Llista URL
9 #YoMeQuedoEnCasaEducando
4 Buenos cuentos 4
10 Webinar
1 Gestionando hijos Las Palmas de G. Canaria 2020
6 Gestionando hijos Valencia 2019
7 Gestionando hijos Madrid 2019
8 Gestionando hijos Oviedo 2019
7 Gestionando hijos Alicante 2019
8 Aprendizajes que nos deja el 2019
3 Educando a un estudiante brillante
6 Alimentar bien es educar mejor por Aitor Sánchez & Plátano de Canarias
14 Niños de alta demanda, por Úrsula Perona
2 Gestionando hijos Barcelona 2019
32 Leo Farache. Reflexiones educativas
4 Gestionando hijos Madrid 2018
9 Equipo educativo
14 Gestionando hijos Barcelona 2018
55 Entrevistas
76 Ponencias eventos Gestionando Hijos
11 Talleres Gestionando hijos
9 Empresas colaboradoras
10 El mejor colegio del mundo
6 Victor Küppers reflexiona sobre la educación.
12 Píldoras filosóficas educativas
7 Descubrir el potencial de tus hijos
6 Conócenos
8 Conecta tu empresa con la educación
11 Reflexiones educativas
13 Propósitos educativos 2018
19 Inquietudes educativas para educar mejor
10 Los mejores aprendizajes educativos 2017
12 Pacto por la Educación en Equipo
11 Educando de vuelta a casa con Totto
5 Entrevistas inspiradas por la Fundación SM
4 Hablan de nosotros
2 Curso educación gratis

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