Helping Some Forest Inhabitants During Winter

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Helping Some Forest Inhabitants During Winter
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P3P5 (3-5), CI (6-7), CM (8-9), CS(10-11)
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ThisweekwithMrForest11.01.21 Feeding Birds
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ThisweekwithMrForest11.01.21 Feeding Birds

THIS with Mr. Forest!!!

Helping Some Forest Inhabitants a bit during Winter
Building a natural bird feeding station.
We wish for students to recognize that some living organisms inhabiting the forest (next to our school) have a hard time securing food during winter because it is a time of very low productivity. In short, we want them to know that there are cycles of productivity in the forest and everyone living in it will get affected.

•Students will learn how to construct a natural bird feeding station
• Students will practice their English vocabulary and oral competence
• Students will understand the cyclic nature of forests (how food is produced and used in the forest)
1 apple, 1 string (50 cm.), 2 sticks, Sunflower seeds (see diagram below)
1. Students are greeted and asked if they know how food is produced and consumed in the forest during the winter season. (Instructors helps talking about trees. Then ask about birds).
2. Instructor shares the concept of helping (pros and cons) forest animals (wild versus near-urban sites).
3. Instructors demonstrates how to construct a bird feeding station using the materials.
4. Two groups of students construct two stations and place it at nearby trees.
5. Instructor asks students to discuss a bit the location and ask them if they are going to be able to monitor the feeding.

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